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I'm Shantelle, a student at Penn State University majoring in Integrative Arts (photography & art history).
I'm a bit of an oddball, and greatly enjoy mountains, forests, and lying beneath clear starry skies. I'm pretty geeky about a lot of different things, but that's what makes life fun.
Here, I post about my various photography, and sewing projects. Registered & Protected

tags: #photography

tags: #photography

Photo project on ambiguity. I’m a big fan of lots of negative space and high contrasts. Not sure how I feel about the last one, but oh well.

castielcampbell asked: "i'm on post limit so i can't reblog ur pretty pics, but i just wanted to say that the one with the hats is the prettiest to me, but that is prolly cause its looks like something i would do. ^__^"

Thank you! Yeah, that one was kind of spur of the moment, lol.

This series of self portraits was done as an assignment for one of my photography classes. Each portrait touches on the different aspects that make me who I am.

Suspender Circle Skirt 

I finished my Breakfast Princess cosplay earlier today, and I had some left over fabric from the bacon parts, so I decided to make a suspender skirt because it combines two of my favorite clothing articles: skirts, and suspenders. 


(If you look closely in the back, you can see bacon strips hanging to dry. Mmm, bacon.)


I used these online tutorials:

For the circle skirt, go here.

For the waistband.

And here for the suspender straps. This is also my favorite fashion/style blogger, so I definitely recommend checking her blog out.

I can’t wait to wear it out, ahh.

My Breakfast Princess skirt was a lot easier to do than I had thought it’d be. For fabric I used the reverse side of the same fabric from the bodice, and I cut it into four large panels for a full circle skirt. I bought orange and brown fabric paint and mixed them together to paint on the “syrup”. It took a few coats to get to the color I wanted, and even after these pictures were taken I painted on a couple more coats in certain areas.

I originally inserted an elastic band into the waistband (as seen in the last picture), but I thought it caused the waist area to look a bit bulky. So I took it out and am going to put in a zipper and hook and eye closures instead. I’m also waiting for the horsehair braid I ordered on ebay to arrive so I can sew it into the hem to give the skirt the incredibly full, stand out ruffles it’s supposed to have. 

Final product pictures should be coming soon!

For Halloween this year, I decided to go as the character Breakfast Princess from my favorite Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time”. And I’ve seen a lot of good cosplays of the character, but I wanted to go for a less cartoonish look for the outfit (so that I wouldn’t be sweating my butt off at whatever Halloween parties I attend this year, because the original design is kinda big). 

As soon as I bought the fabric for the toast bodice, I couldn’t wait to jump right into sewing it all together. I didn’t use a pattern, and I didn’t even bother to really draft one up as I usually do. I based the shape of the bust area off of a bustier top I have, and then from there I just began to sew, cut, and alter whichever areas I needed to. And I’m super pleased with the end result. I still have to fix a tiny bit of sagging in the back zipper area, but besides that I think this was a day’s work very well done. 

Next up is the pancake skirt, as soon as I can get the fabric paint I need to paint on the “syrup”.

(Also pictured is my pin cushion puppy, Pinny. aha.)

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I decided to mess around with some old photos in Photoshop the other day, and these are the end results. 

tags: #photography

I recently re-discovered some photos I shot last year but never used for anything. These were a bit of a challenge because the only lighting I was working with was Christmas lights and a battery-operated round closet light for the top right and bottom left shots, and a floor lamp for the other two. But they came out pretty interesting, considering what I was working with.